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    I have total confidence in Jerusha. She is an amazing clinician, up on the most recent treatments and open and understanding. I always feel better after speaking to her and know that she actually cares about me and what I have to say.

    – Denise P., LCSW



    Having worked with Jerusha for 7 years now, she is one of the most ethical, thoughtful, and compassionate people I know. She is an amazing advocate and therapist and I wish she was back in Texas! Virginia is lucky to have her.

    – Sarah R., LCSW



    Jerusha is compassionate, hard-working and reliable. Jerusha is able to establish and build relationships with clients of all backgrounds and works well in crisis situations. Jerusha works well with others and by herself and she is a self-starter. Jerusha will be an asset to any organization she works with.

    – Ashley H. , LCSW