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  • Counseling for Infertility and Loss

    Empowering Women: Navigating Parenthood and Beyond

    1. Pregnancy After Loss Support

    • Overview: Pregnancy after loss is a unique experience of grief and joy. I recognize the emotional complexities and provide compassionate guidance.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Choosing Hope Over Fear: Supporting courageous mamas pregnant again after loss.
      • Provider Education: Advocating for awareness and sensitivity in the medical community.

    2. Infertility Support

    • Overview: Infertility can be isolating. Let’s create a supportive space where you’re heard and understood.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Emotional Rollercoaster: Navigating hope, disappointment, and resilience.
      • Holistic Approaches: Exploring medical and emotional avenues.
      • Empowering Choices: Fertility treatments, adoption, or other paths.

    3. Grief Care for Miscarriage

    • Overview: Miscarriage brings profound loss. Let’s honor your grief and provide healing support.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Processing Loss: Validating your emotions and allowing space for healing.
      • Memorializing: Creating rituals or remembrances.
      • Moving Forward: Balancing grief with hope.

    4. Supportive Care for Ending a Wanted Pregnancy

    • Overview: Difficult decisions due to medical reasons require compassion and understanding.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Emotional Complexity: Navigating grief, guilt, and acceptance.
      • Comprehensive Support: Addressing physical and emotional needs.
      • Honoring Choices: Providing a safe space for your unique journey.

    5. Exploring Additional Children

    • Overview: Expanding your family involves emotional considerations. Let’s explore your desires and fears.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Emotional Readiness: Assessing your capacity for another child.
      • Sibling Dynamics: Preparing for changes within the family.
      • Mixed Emotions: Validating both excitement and apprehension.

    6. Processing Traumatic Birth Experiences

    • Overview: Traumatic births impact mental and emotional well-being. Let’s heal together.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Unresolved Emotions: Addressing fear, anxiety, or PTSD.
      • Reframing the Narrative: Finding strength in vulnerability.
      • Post-Traumatic Growth: Transforming pain into resilience.

    7. Adjusting to Life with an Atypical Baby or Child

    • Overview: Parenting unique children requires adaptability and support.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Understanding Uniqueness: Celebrating your child’s individuality.
      • Advocacy and Resources: Connecting with specialized services.
      • Parenting Resilience: Nurturing your child’s potential.

    8. Preparing for Fertility Conversations

    • Overview: Discussing your fertility journey with loved ones or your child requires sensitivity.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Age-Appropriate Discussions: How to approach different age groups.
      • Honesty and Compassion: Balancing transparency with empathy.
      • Creating a Supportive Environment: Fostering understanding.

    9. Preparing for IUI or IVF

    • Overview: Assisted reproductive techniques involve emotional and physical preparation.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Emotional Resilience: Coping with expectations and uncertainties.
      • Self-Care During Treatment: Prioritizing your well-being.

    10. Support for Secondary Labor and Deliveries After Birth Trauma

    • Overview: A previous traumatic birth can impact subsequent experiences. Let’s address fears and create a supportive plan.
    • Topics Covered:
      • Emotional Preparedness: Managing anxiety during labor.
      • Birth Preferences: Advocating for your needs.
      • Healing and Empowerment: Turning trauma into strength.

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