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  • Women's Therapy

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    Women’s Therapy: Navigating Life’s Transitions

    1. Family Planning Support for Intended  Parents

    • Overview: Whether you’re considering parenthood or actively planning for it, therapy can provide valuable guidance. We’ll explore your hopes, fears, and expectations, ensuring you’re emotionally prepared for this significant life change.
    • Possible Topic Ideas:
      • Parenting Roles: Discussing expectations, parenting styles, and co-parenting dynamics.
      • Emotional Readiness: Addressing fears, doubts, and the joy of welcoming a child.
      • Support for when the parenting journey looks different than you expected.

    2. Single Parenthood by Choice Support

    • Overview: Choosing single parenthood is a courageous decision. Let’s navigate this journey together, addressing both practical challenges and emotional well-being.
    • Possible Topic Ideas:
      • Building Your Support Network: Creating a strong circle of friends, family, and professionals which has been shown to be one of the best protective factors for single parents by choice.
      • Self-Care Strategies: Balancing responsibilities while nurturing your own needs.
      • Embracing Your Strength: Celebrating the resilience of single parents.

    3. Identity and Career Decision Support and Exploration

    • Overview: Your identity and career are intertwined. We’ll delve into self-discovery, career transitions especially for moms returning to work, and finding fulfillment.
    • Possible Topics Covered:
      • Self-Reflection: Uncovering your core values, passions, and purpose.
      • Career Transitions: Navigating job changes, promotions, or career shifts.
      • Work-Life Balance: What does it look like for you to be returning to work as a new mom?

    4. Building Relationship Skills

    • Overview: Healthy relationships are essential for well-being and they change over time. Let’s enhance your communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy skills.
    • Possible Topics Covered:
      • Effective Communication: Active listening, assertiveness, and empathy.
      • Conflict Resolution: Managing disagreements constructively.
      • Intimacy and Connection: Strengthening emotional bonds.
      • How to identify and set boundaries that help your relationships thrive.

    5. Exploring How Your Upbringing Has Impacted You

    • Overview: Our upbringing shapes us profoundly. Let’s explore how yours has impacted how you see the world.
    • Possible Topics Covered:
      • Family of Origin: Understanding your family’s influence on your beliefs and behaviors.
      • Healing Past Wounds: Processing childhood experiences and breaking negative cycles.
      • Creating Your Future: Working together to learn how to live and parent differently than how you were raised.

    6. Exploring the Decision to Use Egg or Sperm donation

    • Overview: Deciding how to grow your family is a big choice. We will talk through what you might experience using a third party donation.
    • Possible Topics Covered:
      • Emotional Considerations: Coping with uncertainty, hope, and potential outcomes.
      • Support Network: Building a team to guide you through this decision.
      • Providing Intended Parent psychoeducation assessments.

    Remember, therapy is a safe space to explore these topics, gain insights, and create positive changes. Whether you see us virtually from Arlington, VA, and Washington, D.C. or in person in Wall, NJ help is just an email away. Feel free to reach out—I’m here to support you on your journey!