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  • Practice Policies

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    Terminating Services with Clients

    There may be situations that arise where I decide to terminate treatment. Such incidences may include:

    • Client has mental health needs that are beyond my area of expertise. For example, the client requires a different level of treatment (e.g., inpatient or crisis intervention) or more specialized treatment (e.g., trauma or substance abuse) than I can provide in the practice setting.
    • I am unable or unwilling, for appropriate reasons, to continue to provide care (e.g., I’m retiring/closing practice or client has threatened me with violence/used aggressive language).
    • Conflict of interest is identified after treatment begins.
    • Client fails to make adequate progress toward treatment goals or fails to comply with treatment recommendations.
    • Client fails to participate in therapy (e.g., non-compliance, no shows, or cancellations).
    • Lack of communication/contact from the client.

    If I decide to terminate treatment, I will take reasonable steps to avoid abandoning clients who are still in need of services. Reasonable steps may include providing referrals to several mental health professionals, with addresses and phone numbers.


    No contact Statement in Contract:

    If I do not have contact or communication from you for a period of 30 days, I will assume that you no longer intend to remain active in this therapeutic relationship and your case will be closed. You can return to therapy in the future if you decide to continue treatment.